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Puzzle For Toddlers

Puzzles - Jumbo Knob Wooden Puzzle

Between 9-12 months babies learn to take pieces in and out. This makes puzzles great for constructive play. Not only will this puzzle help with fine motor skills, it will also help your child's language development. Use words like door, tree, window, circle and square.

Nesting Blocks

Baby Nesting Blocks

Nest and Stack Blocks Set

Between 9-12 months babies learn that objects can appear and disappear. These blocks will help grow your child's reasoning and fine motor skills for stacking and ordering by size. Build language by placing animals in and out while naming the animal. Use everyday words like build, put on, go in, out and dog.

Shape Sorter

Shape Sorter Toddlers

Lock A Block

Between 12-18 months your little one will engage in more challenging problem solving and fine motor skills. Shape Sorters are perfect for matching shapes and fitting pieces in to the correct slots. This one takes problem solving to the next step by adding rotation, the key to open the door.

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