Great Toys For Toddlers

The best toys for toddlers are the ones that are both educational and multi-purposeful. These toys will help with your child's advancement. Babies learn through a combination of watching caregivers and self- exploration. Every new shape, color, texture, taste and sound is a learning experience for them. Toys help our babies discover their senses, advance communication, and fine tune motor development skills.

Up until 3 months we suggest toys that are black and white, and toys that babies can use their grasp reflex to hold on to. Most infants cannot perceive colors until 4-5 months. By 3 months, a baby can bat or swat at an object. This is the perfect time to begin placing a baby, not just on a blanket, but on a play gym mat to encourage reaching and grasping. Most photos of play gyms often show babies playing on their back. Play gyms are great for tummy time too, an important pre-skill for both rolling and crawling.

Black and White Rattle Set

Most infants cannot perceive colors until 5 months. Toys that are black and white and that stimulate a baby's grasp reflex are perfect at this age.

Tummy Time Mirror

Babies love to look at faces. So why not their own? The Baby Floor Mirror is designed to strengthen vision and attention and to promote tummy time.

Activity Gym Baby Play Mat

By 3 months of age, babies can bat or swat at objects. This is the perfect time to begin using a floor gym mat to encourage reaching and grasping.

When babies suck their thumbs or pacifiers, they are actually releasing endorphins or relaxation hormones. Because of this, we don't want to prevent sucking, but instead replace it with a tool designed to help teeth erupt, encourage acceptance of textured food, and stimulate the oral muscles in a positive way. At 4-5 months of age our babies can see color and begin to develop depth perception. They can reach out and grab for toys. This skill of reaching and grabbing lays the foundation for cause and effect play. In other words, infants realize "that's me who pulled and made that toy shake, and now I can do it once again". Colorful light weighted toys that encourage grasping are best at this next stage of development. By 3-6 months we want to make sure that our babies are spending enough time on their bellies to prevent delays in motor skills. Tummy time mats that encourage propping up are ideal at this period.

Sensory Toy

This rattle is perfect for hand to mouth exploration. It's a wonderful tool for babies who are cutting their first tooth, for replacing the thumb or pacifier, and for encouraging early chewing.

Teether Rattle

By 6 months, we want colorful toys that are lightly weighted, with grooves and bumps in order to maintain grasping and encourage shaking, banging, and sliding.

Tummy Time Mat

This interactive and engaging tummy time mat simulates water play, and provides the perfect sensory-motor experience. Babies will reach, grasp, and build visual attention, while "fishing" for marine life, and strengthening neck, trunk, arm and leg muscles in preparation for crawling.

By 6 months, the skill of reaching and grabbing lays the foundation for cause and effect play. In other words, infants realize "that's me who pulled and made that toy shake, and now I can do it once again". Ideally, at this stage we want colorful, lightly weighted toys that encourage shaking, banging, and sliding. We also want toys that encourage babies to pull up and play standing up such as a musical table. These types of toys strengthen arm and trunk muscles for crawling, and leg muscles in preparation for walking. We also want toys that encourage both hands in play, such as baby building blocks, which little ones can bang together and pass from hand to hand.

Musical Instruments

These instruments are the perfect size to fit into your baby's hand. With a full spectrum of sounds and colors your baby will be Rockin.

Learn & Groove Musical Table

This colorful musical toy will keep your baby entertained, while encouraging pulling up, standing, and strengthening leg muscles.

Baby Blocks - Building Blocks

The best toys are those that encourage early problem solving such as placing something on and off. The plastic construction and lightly weighted material will ensure frustration free play.

By 9 months of age we want toys that encourage early trial and error play. Nesting cups and ring stackers are the perfect toys to begin this exposure to constructive play. Little ones will enjoy experimenting with pulling the nesting cups apart, or figuring out how to take the rings "off" the ring stacker. At this age, infants will also enjoy more advanced cause and effect play such as dropping balls down a roll and drop toy or pushing buttons on a toy for activation.

Stack Up Cup

These stacking cups are perfect for encouraging in and out constructive play. This versatile toy can be used in the bath for water play, and as your baby grows can be used for ordering by size.

Cat Ball Roll & Drop

This roll and drop toy is perfect for encouraging cause and effect play, while building attention, as your tot anxiously awaits each ball to drop.

Stacks of Circles Stacking Ring

This toy is a colorful take on the traditional ring stacker; a toy that will grow with your baby as he moves from placing the rings on and off, to placing in sequential order.

As babies begin to crawl, we want to ensure they have a protective surface to move and play. A play floor mat is ideal at this stage. While high chairs are so often used with little ones, most commercially available chairs are often too high to encourage babies to self-feed and play. A chair with a low tray that encourages an upright position is optimal at this stage.

Play Mat

Have your ever seen your baby do a little push up? Actually, babies need to get themselves in to varied positions, and "work out" their muscles in preparation for crawling.

Photo Album

This baby photo album is a perfect "first photo book" to encourage language understanding, and vocabulary building. With its soft pages, and ideal size, your baby will be turning pages in no time.

Travel Booster Seat

A table top booster seat with a tray will encourage both feeding and play. A low tray table allows little ones to use their hands more freely without having to support the rest of their body, allowing for longer attention and more refined fine motor skills.

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